ProPath Testimonials






We continue to be pleased with their accurate service and professionalism - Oncology, Arizona

We have been using ProPath for the last several years and have been satisfied with the pathologic results with this system - OB/GYN, Georgia

It is a relief to call a laboratory and not have to go through an automated system but rather be able to speak to a customer service representative immediately - OB/GYN, Arizona

It is very convenient that they also perform immunofluorescence and special staining in-house - Derm, Georgia

I have been with ProPath for over a year and feel they have done extremely well - OB/GYN, Michigan

I will say, we have never had this good of service from a laboratory company - OB/GYN, Michigan

We have found them quite professional with both patient and provider - Gynecology/ Oncology, Arizona

Excellent service - Multi-Specialty Group Practice, Texas

We have chosen and continue to be satisfied with ProPath - North Texas Surgery Center

They are always responsive and sincerely want to know if they can assist us further - Plastic Surgeon, Texas

The pathologists have always been accessible via phone or internet and pleasant and helpful when contacted - Surgeon, Texas

ProPath is very easy to work with - OB/GYN, Texas

Our account representative is always available and is willing to help us - OB/GYN, Texas

ProPath has been very reliable - OB/GYN, Texas

We are extremely satisfied with the service we have received from ProPath - OB/GYN, Texas

Provide high quality and accurate specimen pickup, processing and evaluation with a rapid turnaround - Mohs Surgeon, Texas

Requisitions are very user friendly and are easy to understand as are the pathology reports - Dermatologist, Arizona

ProPath consistently provides accurate diagnosis - OB/GYN, Texas

I have found that ProPath's quality is unmatched - OB/GYN, Texas

ProPath provides outstanding service - OB/GYN, Texas

The most outstanding service you could ask for in a pathology lab - OB/GYN, Texas

ProPath is an asset to our practice - OB/GYN, Texas

Outstanding sales support - OB/GYN, Texas

ProPath offers the latest technology - OB/GYN, Texas

The Requisitions are very user friendly and easy to understand - OB/GYN, Texas

We have used ProPath's services for 20 plus years - Gastroenterologist, Texas

ProPath is a partner - Gastroenterologist, Texas